Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

When your garage is so cluttered that you can’t park your car inside or your third bedroom has become the master closet, you know they’re obvious signs you need a larger home. However, there are other equally important signs that tell you it’s time to build a new home, rather than buy an existing one.

You Know Your Finances

You’ve done all your homework. You know how much you can afford. What you might not know is that the cost of existing homes can be very comparable to building a new home. When you purchase an existing home you will have to renovate and replace time-worn items. That increases the final purchase price. However, with a new home everything is built to your liking so there are no additional costs down the road. Plus, with a custom built home you have control over everything from the lot location to the interior décor.

You’ve Been Looking, but Can’t Find the RIGHT House

Your search for a new home has brought you through many neighborhoods that didn’t feel quite right. You’ve seen houses that are missing that home office, pool, or luxurious master retreat. You’ve toured homes that seem great on the outside, but just aren’t fitting the bill when you walk in. When you build a custom home, you have control over everything. You can have that large kitchen pantry, extra half-bath or front porch you desire.

You Hate Surprises

When purchasing an existing home you just never know what could go wrong. Issues can arise one week or one year after purchase. And while this can, at times, happen with a newly built home, you are protected with the builder’s warranty (for an extended period of time). Building a new home helps alleviate unpleasant surprises as everything is new and unused.

You Like a Specific Neighborhood

It’s been a dream of yours to live by the beach. You need a great school district. Your parents are moving in with you and you need close amenities. Some or all of these criteria have set you on a path to find the perfect neighborhood…and you found it. By building a new home in this area you now have the best of both worlds your dream location AND home!

You Need More Space

Families grow. Needs grow. Unfortunately houses don’t. If you’ve outgrown your current home, building your next home affords you the luxury of getting exactly the amount of space and features you desire.

You Have the Time

Situations arise. A new baby is on the way. Mom and Dad are moving in. There is never a right time to build a new home, but there are always situations that make the option more appealing. With the right builder on your team the construction process will appear seamless and make your once far off dream a closer reality.

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