Top 6 Reasons to Work with a Custom Home Builder

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

“Build Confident” is our motto at Eppright Homes. We want you to feel confident in choosing us as your trusted builder; confident to work side-by-side with us through the building process; and confident that in the end you will have the custom home of your dreams. We weave this confidence into every aspect of our business. It’s why we think it’s the top reason to work with Eppright Homes as your custom home builder.

However, there are other great reasons to work with a custom home builder, too.

One of a Kind

(no cookie cutter homes here)

Whether you choose a pre-designed and constructed custom home or work with a designer to create your own dream home you know that you’re getting a one of a kind showpiece. Take a look as some of our showcase custom homes.

Attention to Details

Custom home builders focus on the little things to make sure their clients’ needs and expectations are met. Eppright builds some of the finest homes in the Austin area and strives to discover unique home sites in attractive locations. As a result, our homes are built in locations that afford the most discriminating buyer a selection in the finest neighborhoods. We design each home to our client’s specifications working to preserve the landscape while maximizing privacy and creating gorgeous vistas.

Individualized Service

Communication with the customer is foremost in creating an enjoyable home-building experience. At Eppright we constantly stress that each customer, is our priority. That’s why we limit the number of homes we build. So we can take more time to create a successful relationship with our homeowners.

High Quality Control

Because custom home builders deal in quality and not quantity, we have the manpower to make sure that the construction on your home meets the highest quality standards. This goes for the installation of interior products and services such as plumbing and electric as well.

Flexible Approach to Modifications

Even the best laid plans are subject to alterations. We all change our minds sometimes and the great thing about working with a custom home builder is that we are open to adjustments mid-course. We work to accommodate your changes as best we can within any stage of the construction process.

Quality Customer Service

At Eppright Homes the foundation of our business is customer satisfaction. We understand custom home building and strive to translate your dreams into a home design that is perfect for you. We provide attentive care to satisfy your needs and work continually to exceed your expectations.

At Eppright Homes our goal is to design and build budget based, value added superior quality custom homes and we take that goal very seriously. We strive to accomplish it with integrity, responsiveness and hard work that exceed our customers’ desires in quality and customer service. Please reach out us with any questions you may have about a specific custom home project or about custom building in general. We’re happy to help in any way we can. You can reach us at 512.347.9956 or visit our website.