19 Features New Home Buyers Want

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The reason many people choose to build a custom home is to get exactly what they want in their living space. But what is it they want? We’ve gathered some of our most asked for features new home buyers want when building a custom home with us. Take a look and see if any of them match your ideas.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans that center on the kitchen and living space are still forefront in homeowners’ minds. Areas that allow for flexibility and flow for entertaining are top of the list when it comes to home design and layout.

Elevated Ceilings

Gone are the two story foyers in favor of higher ceilings throughout. 10- and 12-foot ceilings now go hand-in-hand with the open floor plan, adding a sense of loft and spaciousness.

First Floor Master Suite

Privacy and longevity are the two key components of the first floor master suite. When children are involved, it provides both privacy and a sense of security to be on the main floor. However, this highly desirable feature also provides staying power when couples look at aging in place. This affords them the continued luxury of staying in their home after the kids have grown up and out.

XL Master Closets/Dressing Rooms

Why stop with a walk-in closet when you can design your own dressing room, complete with floor to ceiling mirrors, seating, specialty shoe racks, possibly even an armoire or custom built-ins.

Spa Bathroom

Roomy, custom showers with multiple shower heads are becoming the norm, now. Free standing tubs are also trending. But aside from these particular features, soft lighting, wireless connections (hotspots) and even built-in music are becoming more popular…as are floating vanities with ample drawer space.

Large Open Kitchen-with Island

Also coinciding with the open floor plan, spacious kitchens with multi-purpose islands are in demand. With room for eating, meal prep, homework and even cooking we don’t see islands going out of style any time soon. There is also a wide variety of island styles that can add a very personal touch and help anchor large open floor plans.

Over-sized Pantries

What used to be small ‘closets’ with just enough room to store cans and dry goods, has morphed in oversized pantries with generous amounts of cabinets and counter tops. Think ‘walk-in closet’ with outlets for small appliances like coffee makers and blenders. This coveted space allows the most used items to be readily accessible but not cluttering the kitchen counter tops.

Smart Storage

Custom departmentalized drawers, hidden pull out spice racks, thin sheet pan cabinets and trending ideas of utensil storage and built-in knife blocks are a few examples of smart storage solutions that make the most of space. Ask us how we can create custom storage spaces for your needs

Stainless Steel Appliances

We don’t see the stainless trend abating any time in the near future. The timeless look of stainless is one that coordinates with just about any interior style.

Drop Zone (aka Mudroom)

Gone are the days of ‘junk drawers’ in favor of ‘drop zones’ or mudrooms. You need a place for backpacks, coats, shoes, mail and maybe even a small work/charging station. But these handy cubbies can be a room of their own or incorporated into a niche of a kitchen or laundry room. The possibilities are endless.

Specialty Rooms

The best thing about designing your own home is that you can not only include all the features you need…but more indulgently, the features you want. Let us help you create a space for your home office for your business and also a home theater, game room, bar/lounge, or library for fun.

Pet Accommodations

Americans are now consider their pets as family members and are increasingly asking for more pet friendly options when designing their homes. Features like showers, built in feeding stations and integrated containment are high on the list to make their furry family members feel more at home.

Wireless Compatibility

No need to hard wire most electronics any more. Wireless compatibility throughout the entire home is the norm today. It’s become second nature to make this feature a staple. Also for added convenience we locate AV closets strategically near game rooms or a centrally located hub for all electronics, like security or on-cue panels.

Energy Efficiency

Everything from Low-E windows to Energy-Star appliances are not only asked for but encouraged in our designs. This also includes programmable thermostats. Our contractors are experts at identifying and recommending the right energy efficient products for your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Movable walls, operable glass doors (as shown above), extra-wide French doors or our custom walls of glass help blur the line between the indoors and out. A comfortable living space outside automatically transfers inside when a barrier is removed; and simply enhances the custom home living experience.

Decked Out Garage

Two- three- or even more-car garages are not uncommon when designing your own home. But why stop at the number of cars you can house…do it in style. Consider adding custom cabinetry, motorized storage options and maybe even a customized workshop. Our garages already come fully finished, painted and trimmed, so all you need to do is add some creativity and personal touches.

Outdoor Entertainment

Make the outside as desirable as the inside of your home. Consider adding a pool and spa, possibly a sport court. Very popular are outdoor seating areas with features like a fireplace or fire pit, a lounge with electricity for fans and a television. You can also create an outdoor kitchen with grill (and stove), refrigerator, pizza oven and more…the sky is the limit. All you need is your imagination!

Master Landscaping

When designing a new home it’s not just about the inside that matters. We consider the outside just as important. Master landscaping plans are included with our homes to make the outside just as beautiful as the inside.

Delivery Den

Online shopping is a way of life these days which means so is home delivery. What we’re providing our clients now is a secure room with outlets for a refrigerator and freezer and ample shelving to accommodate deliveries. This room provides a safe environment for weekly groceries to valuable Christmas presents. Delivery drivers simply use a keypad code to gain access, drop the packages and exit without entering the main home or leaving the boxes in an area that can be accessible to anyone.

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating the features new home buyers want. Take advantage of our architects and designers for great inspiration from homes we’ve already completed or their deep experience with home planning and design. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Please reach out us with any questions you may have about a specific custom home project or about custom building in general. We’re happy to help in any way we can. You can reach us at 512.347.9956 or visit our website for more information on Eppright Homes.