Ancillary Small Appliances to benefit the Best of Kitchens

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

There are the basics to every kitchen when it comes to appliances; refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. And while some are versed in the old school ways of doing things, most moms will say that a dishwasher is definitely a necessity as well.

However, in the course of building your custom home you probably asked for, and received (or will receive) the ultimate kitchen. So, with additional space and storage features in your new dream kitchen why not have some fun with your ‘wants’, instead of just your ‘needs’. Here are a few fun, but still useful (and more often than not, necessary) smaller kitchen appliances you can now add to your collection.

Electric Mixer – The great debate here is whether to purchase a stand or hand mixer. If you’re a big baker…go with the stand. If you occasionally bake cookies, cakes or need to whip up some eggs, then the hand mixer is the perfect tool.

Coffee or Espresso Maker – You need a coffee maker even if you’re an ‘every now and then’ coffee drinker; just for entertaining if nothing else. However, the type of coffee maker you get depends on your coffee preferences. If you find that you need a continuous supply, then a drip maker is for you. However, if one or two cups a day is sufficient, a quick one cup maker may do just fine. But, if you’re into crafting your own specific coffee, specialty makers like an espresso bar or cold press may be your choice.

Blender – Always good to have on hand, but deciding whether you need a countertop or hand-held is personal preference. Heck, now that you have the space, why not get both?  The hand blender is great for getting the kids involved!

Food Processor – This is THE ultimate multi-purpose tool. The smaller versions are great for grinding and mixing, but the larger versions are perfect for big families and if you like to double or triple your recipes.

Electric Tea Kettle – You may not think you need one, but it’s far more efficient than boiling water in a pan on the stove. If you’re a tea drinker than it’s an absolute must, but even for cooking with hot water it’s a life, and time, saver. You will probably use it more than you think.

Wine/Beverage Cooler – While on the large side compared to the counter top appliances we’ve been talking about, if you appreciate fine wine then this is a treat. It’s also multi-purpose as it can be used to hold drinks that are requested frequently so you’re not opening the large refrigerator all the time.

Panini Press – Super handy for even the simplest grill cheese, a panini press is perfect for quick dinners or snacks. Feel free to also let your inner chef appear while you create gorgeous gourmet sandwiches your whole family will “ooh” and “ahh” over.

Pressure Cooker – With the Instapot taking the world by storm it might be time to see what the hype is all about. Spend your time doing fun things with your family and let these meal prep time savers do all the work.

Other counter top appliances that you may want to consider now that you have the space include a juicer for the health conscious, toaster for awesome summer BLTs or morning bagels, rice cooker, or ice maker…for those occasions when the refrigerator produced ice runs short.

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